Welcome to JMJ Interactive, a game development studio in Gothenburg, run by Mårten Jonsson. We produce complete commercial games, music, digital projects, events, workshops and generally all things game related. Are you looking for one of our games, check out the game pages. Are you looking for help on a projekt? Feel free to get in touch.





These are games created and released by JMJ Interactive

Star Sky

Star Sky / Blue Moon

Star Sky 2 / Blue Moon 2


But to Paint a Universe

Galactic Adventures Inc (In development)

Akihabara - Feel the Rhythm

Akihabara - Soundtrack by Jace Meridian

The Story of a Star

The Story of a World


Robbotto (In development)




JMJ Interactive is completely capable of producing any game or game related material you might need. We work with the following platforms:

Xbox One

Need an HTML game? Or maybe a Facebook game? Perhaps mobile? Or you want to collaborate on a larger project? Don't hesitate to email with a project proposal, and we'll work on a quote. We also do assets and non-game applications.


Workshops & Events

Teaching Game Development

Want to learn how to make a game, fast? Don't know how to program? No problem, we can host a workshop teaching the basics of a visual programming language? Only have an afternoon? We can go over the basics, and have a game running in that time. Have a week? There's enough time for advanced features. Longer? Make an entire game!

If you want to arrange a workshop, please drop an email. Workshops can be tailored to any age from 7 and up.



JMJ Interactive arranges and participates in a myriad of events around the country, and Gothenburg. Many times events are created in collaboration with the indiegame community in Gothenburg. Feel free to check it out - https://www.facebook.com/groups/242373545813554/



JMJ Interactive


contact Mårten directly: marten@jm-j.com





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